The function of editing the coupon.


From time to time, you need to edit your bid, add a new event or, for example, replace one of the events on the express with a more suitable option. The unique ChekRedact function allows users to make changes to the already completed rates of the following types - single and express.

In the case of a single bet, you can add new bets to the game ticket. Thus, a single bet will turn into an express bet.

In the case of express betting, it is possible not only to add new rates to the game ticket, but also to replace existing rates with other rates. The possibility of replacement is valid only under the following conditions:

- The event of a replacement bet should not be held

- The exchangeable bid event must not be in the Live section

- The coefficient of the replacement event should not be less than the replacement coefficient at the moment, regardless of the coefficient indicated in the ticket

- The event can not be replaced by the same event, but with a higher coefficient

- The event to be replaced must be active at the time of its replacement (the coefficients should not be blocked), otherwise the replacement will not be possible.


You put the following express rate:

Manchester United - Chelsea Outcome: MU - 1.6

Inter - Juventus:  JUV  - 1.8

Later, you want to add to the express bet, for example, in the match Bayern - Borussia D will have more than 4.5 goals - Total More (4.5). After it is added, you get the next fast bet:

Manchester United - Chelsea Outcome: MU1 - 1.6

Inter - Juventus : JUV- 1.8

Bayern - Borussia D Total: More (4.5) - 2.2

In addition, you may want to avoid adding a bet to the express, and replace any bet, for example, instead of the "Inter - Juventus: JUV" bet, include the "Bavaria - Borussia D Total: More (4.5)" bet in the express bet.

In order to make this substitution possible, it is necessary that the Inter-Juventus match be not held, not in the Live Games section, and the betting odds "Bavaria - Borussia D Total: More (4.5)" should be greater than or equal to the betting odds "Inter" - Juventus : JUV »- ≥ 1.8.

If these conditions are met, the bet can be replaced, resulting in the following express bet:

Manchester United - Chelsea Outcome: MU - 1.6

Bayern - Borussia D Total: More (4.5) - 2.2

In single and express bets, you can add an unlimited number of bets until you reach the bet limit for one express - 30.

If the above conditions are met, you can replace all rates included in the express.


To change bids, just need:

A. Enter the history of bets;

B. Select the checkmark option opposite the corresponding ticket;

C. Make the appropriate changes and confirm them.


If the bet is made at one of the bets of the company, and one more ticket includes more than one single or express bet, in this case the possibility of making a "ChekRedakt" bet does not apply


The Organizer has the right, at his own discretion, to temporarily, or for an indefinite period, limit, suspend or cancel the "ChekRedakt".